You might not be a dental professional, but no one knows your teeth better than you do.

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The Evergreen Dental Process

What To Expect

With Dr. Nenkov’s honest, transparent, and compassionate approach to every patient’s dental needs, when you visit Evergreen Dental you can expect that:

  • You’ll Receive a Thorough Diagnosis. (Dr. Nenkov often states diagnosis is 90% of treatment)
  • Your Treatment Will Be Clearly Explained. (Dr. Nenkov won’t proceed until you feel comfortable and understand the science behind his recommendations)
  • You, the Patient, Will Make an Informed Decision About Your Treatment. (As Dr. Nenkov says frequently, patients who do not have a complete understanding of their condition cannot make an informed decision.)
  • You Will Experience Dental Procedures That Are Mindful About Creating the Least Amount of Discomfort.
  • Your Concerns Will Always Be Heard and Understood.
  • You’ll Receive an Honest Opinion About Treatment. 
  • You’ll Undergo Comprehensive Treatment Planning. (Dr. Nenkov compares treatment planning to putting together a puzzle which takes time and skill)

You can trust Dr. Nenkov and our team to listen to you, to work with you and your insurance, and to deliver uncompromised treatment outcomes.