Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

It is not a tooth problem but a systemic one.

Health beyond the smile


Full Mouth Rehabilitation Solutions

We believe in holistically treating the whole mouth, not just an individual tooth. Treating an individual tooth approach can often be very narrow-sited and misses the bigger picture of dental wellness.

We have many patients, and we still treat an individual tooth or even a few teeth, but all our treatments are done with holistic dental health in mind.

The concept of treating the whole mouth ensures nothing is missed and when the treatment plan is prepared, it has everything under consideration. It has the patient’s sleep under consideration, it has patients’ pain syndrome under consideration (not only teeth), it also has the patient’s airway under consideration, it has the patient’s musculoskeletal system under consideration and yes, it has the patient’s individual teeth under consideration, too.

Full mouth rehabilitation is a Prosthetic/Restorative/Surgical approach that restores the function of the whole mouth.

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