Orthopedic/Orthodontic Solutions

Orthopedic/Orthodontic Solutions

It is not a tooth problem but a systemic one.

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Orhtopedic/Orthodontic Solutions

Orhtopedic/Orthodontic Solutions

Did you know that the most current research and science reveal that upper jaw (midfacial) underdevelopment affects over 80% of the population?


Modern Orthodontics is going more and more the way of Invisalign trays, easy and fast braces systems, and surgical options, whether teeth extractions before braces or full jaw surgeries after braces.


But all those are rarely addressing the actual problem of midfacial underdevelopment.

Our treatment options are developed to be nonsurgical, physiologic, and address the underlying issues of the airway, head and neck position, TMD/TMJD, and overall misaligned teeth/malocclusions.


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