Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea

We believe in measuring. If we measure it, it is a fact.
If we don’t, it is an opinion.

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There are very few treatment options for Sleep Apnea patients and most, if not all, do not work long term due to various reasons.

The Dental profession could help but has stressed more on marketing than actual research.

We believe in measuring. If we measure it, it is a fact. If we don’t, it is an opinion.

The overall opinion is that if the lower jaw is placed down and forward it would open the airway for the patient and help with sleep apnea symptoms. But how much down and how much forward? And does it really open the airway and by how much?

When we measure, using proven medical equipment, we can answer those questions and know in advance whether we can help the patient or not.

Not properly done oral sleep appliance could potentially make the condition worse. The alternative is a CPAP machine, which has its own problems and there are number of patients that cannot accommodate to using it. Recently, there was a worldwide recall of CPAP machines due to the possibility of serious injuries or death. As they are millions of those machines recalled, patients cannot even get a machine and have to wait for months or longer.

In the light of all that we believe an oral appliance could be a very good alternative to CPAP or work together with a CPAP and when fabricated using biometric measuring could help patients managing a very debilitating and life changing condition.

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