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Since finishing my first dental degree in 1996, I have dedicated my professional life to searching for answers that my European and Canadian degrees and US comprehensive courses did not provide. My philosophy has always been that Dentistry should be far beyond teeth. I did my first dental research and publication while still a student in 1996 and it was based on edentulous cases, basically patients without teeth.

I still maintain general dental practice for I am convinced this is the way to best serve my patients.

My calling is to treat chronic craniofacial pain and for that, I need to be proficient in any field, from Pediatric Dentistry to Dentistry for elderly. Chronic pain does not distinguish 5 from 75 years old, which makes my practice treating children to parents to grandparents.

Over the years I have attended many courses and lectures and have had average of twice the continuing education hours required by the governing bodies. Lectures and courses that have been based on Dentistry, not Marketing as I have not done any marketing for a decade, and have been changing my practice constantly.

I truly believe what I do in five years should be different from what I do now and same for five years after.

I truly believe Dentistry should constantly develop not by new advent of materials, supported by dental supply companies, not by “new” procedures, supported by insurance companies but by science and research in the name of better outcomes for patients.

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